Jackson Fuller's

Their Happy Endings

A series of short stories about two men, Junji and August, navigating sex alongside their married life. Each short story functions as a stand alone work where the couple often explores one specific kink together. You can read these stories in any order.

How is he supposed to get any work done?

Rating: Explicit
Kinks: Clothed Orgasm, Masturbation w/ sex toys, Sexting, Slightly Rough Sex
Word Count: 2,680

Junji goes into work and leaves August horny and alone, but he tells August his afternoon is open for some sexting. When August doesn't do what Junji asks while sexting, Junji decides to take matters into his own hands.

He is Not a Ghost!

Rating: Explicit
Kinks: Light Bondage, Light Roleplay
Word Count: 1,960

August briefly recounts to Junji a dream where he had sex with a ghost that was into some light bondage. Junji tries to create the situation for August, and while August is pleased with the results, the ghost is still clearly Junji.

He Controls Tentacles!

Rating: Explicit
Kinks: Tentacles
Word Count: 2,307

August and Junji decide to have sex as wizards where August treats Junji to some restrictive action with their bed sheets turned into tentacles. While this is a roleplay between the characters, the sex scene is written as if their roleplay is real and they are wizards.

A Pillory for Christmas

Rating: Explicit
Kinks: Pillory, Sex Toys
Word Count: 4,313

August and Junji arrive home after a tiring Christmas with August's family. After they shake off the tension of the visit, Junji surprises August with a Christmas gift for a kink he's always wanted to experience first hand. Junji is more than happy to lock him in the pillory and show him a good time.

Promises from a Gay French Maid

Rating: Explicit
Kinks: Clothed Orgasm, Crossdressing
Wordcount: 3,879

August dresses up as a French Maid for Halloween and is disappointed to find that Junji hasn’t yet decided on a costume for the “sexy” costume party. Junji isn’t too pleased with the theme of the party - or even that there’s a party at all. He is, however, quite interested in August’s costume, and August uses sex to get Junji on board with his costume and the party.